(7) criteria and characteristics for quality

Architectural research meets the general criteria of originality, significance, and rigour. It produces forms of output and discourse proper to disciplinary practice, to make it discussable, communicable and useful to peers and others. It is validated through panels of experts who collectively cover the range of disciplinary competencies addressed by the work.

The following characteristics could guide architectural research to a high level of quality and open up new horizons:

- the research is meaningful and relevant for practice, for the discipline, and for society; it explores limits and expands them;
- it contributes to design practice, to the exploration of spatial understanding and/or the creative design process;
- it contributes to knowledge through intellectual work that is characteristic of architecture and design practice;
- the results are consistent with experience in practice;
- the research endeavors to make its processes and foundations as clear and explicit as possible;
- method, context, process and results are communicated and submitted to regular peer review; they refer to the work of peers;
- the research explores emotional, intuitive and/or artistic aspects of the domain, it engages architectural competences and experience in practice;
- it creates and exploits trans-disciplinary connections.


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