Art4 B Assessment Criteria

Architectural research meets the general criteria of originality, significance, rigor and transparency.
The following characteristics could guide architectural research to a high level of quality and open up new horizons:
1. The research is meaningful and relevant for practice, for the discipline, and for society; it explores their limits and expands them;
2. The research contributes to design practice, the exploration of spatial understanding and/or the creative design process;
3. The research contributes to knowledge by intellectual work that is characteristic of architecture and design practice;
4. The research endeavors to make the processes and the foundations as clear and explicit as possible;
5. The research method, context, process and results are communicated externally and are submitted to regular peer review; they refer to the work of peers;
6. The research explores emotional, intuitive and/or artistic aspects of the domain, it engages architectural competences and experience in practice;
7. The research creates and exploits trans-disciplinary connections;


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