Declaration on Architectural Research

Approved at the EAAE General Assembly, September 5, 2011

Architecture is about the creation, transformation and interpretation of the built environment and the articulation of space at various scales. It is a discipline involving art, design, conservation, planning, management, construction and representation, addressing issues of ethics, aesthetics, culture and society. The discipline of architecture engages with the cultural, socio-economic and environmental conditions affecting our quality of life.

Architecture is facing challenges of climate change, globalisation, urbanisation and social transformation that necessitate vital research. In parallel, the horizons of architectural experimentation are expanding rapidly with the development of new technologies and media. If we are to understand, explain, anticipate and influence the consequences of these changes, research is essential. Moreover, research is essential for the continued expansion of the discipline’s knowledge base and improvement in teaching, learning and practice of architecture.

The EAAE confirms that architectural research has a particular knowledge base, tools and methods; it confirms the trans-disciplinary nature of architectural research and the legitimacy of a wide range of approaches. Architecture tackles various dimensions of the built environment in a specifically integrative way; the EAAE calls for recognition of all appropriate areas and modes of architectural research, for better definition of context and scope and acknowledges research by design as part of the diversity of valid methods with which to research, practice and study architecture.

The generic expectations of originality, rigour and significance apply to all genres of architectural research. Valid architectural research outputs are as varied as the constantly growing range of research approaches and the EAAE recognises installations, experimental projects, proposals, models and actual buildings as such, in addition to written and graphic research outputs. Peer review, communication and international dissemination are crucial and should relate to the nature of the research.

The EAAE advocates stronger links between theoretical and practice-based research and therefore between academia and the profession in the establishment of an expanded arena of architectural research.

link to the Framework for Architectural Research


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